Jazz & Blues Vocals | Wednesdays

Jazz & Blues Vocals | Wednesdays


October 4th - November 8th
Wednesday Evenings
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Premiere Bay Area vocal coach, Raz Kennedy presents Jazz & Blues Vocals, an intimate, six-week group class, dedicated to vocal technique and performance training in Jazz and Blues styles. 

Raz Kennedy will lead participants to a higher understanding of the rhythm, phrasing, interpretation, vocal ornamentation, and stylistic choices unique to Jazz and Blues music. He will provide personalized instruction to all participants, assisting each individual to effectively articulate the vocal techniques present in the Jazz and Blues material of their choosing. 

The community setting provides a safe and supportive place for singers to explore varying approaches to their favorite songs and arrive at their own original perspectives. Insights from this class will serve as an invaluable tool for singers who wish to improve their overall technique and stage presence.

These classes will take place at Raz Kennedy Voice Studio in Berkeley, CA.

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