Strategies for the Working Singer - Saturday, July 20th

Strategies for the Working Singer - Saturday, July 20th


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Raz Kennedy Voice Studio in Berkeley, CA

Premiere Bay Area vocal coach, Raz Kennedy presents Strategies for the Working Singer, an informative 90 minute masterclass, sharing perspectives on healthy singing practices and revealing a vocal tool kit of emergency aid solutions for active performers. 

Raz Kennedy will explain how different imbalances in the voice occur and demonstrate efficient methods to prevent them within performance contexts. Raz will tackle a range of common vocal issues, such as hoarseness, tension, pitch discrepancies, unintentional breaks, strain, and uncontrolled constrictions. 

Together, we will engage in physical exercises and experiment with a variety of vocal settings to learn how to recover the voice with ease, rebalance support, mitigate stress, and regain control. Participants will come away with the knowledge of how to provide relief to the voice when it is compromised by constrain and present stronger, healthier vocal performances night after night. 

Singers from all musical backgrounds are encouraged to participate.

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