Vocal Mechanics & Technique: Part III | Wednesdays

Vocal Mechanics & Technique: Part III | Wednesdays


September 26th - October 31st
Wednesday Evenings
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Premiere Bay Area vocal coach, Raz Kennedy presents Vocal Mechanics & Technique: Part III, an intimate, six-week group class, dedicated to developing, strengthening, and conditioning a healthy, well balanced voice. This class is a continuation of Vocal Mechanics & Technique: Part I & II.

Raz Kennedy will instruct each participant to enhance their command of their instrument, exploring topics, such as range, intonation, breath management, balancing vocal registers, vowel formation, and dynamics. Raz will share his unique perspective on what makes an effective vocal performance and demonstrate a variety of technical exercises to eliminate discrepancies in the voice.  

The community setting provides a safe and supportive place for singers to explore the Raz Kennedy method and arrive at their own original perspectives. Insights from this class will serve as an invaluable tool for singers who wish to improve their overall technique. 

Pre-requisite: All singers must complete Vocal Mechanics & Technique: Part I & II or receive an evaluation from Raz to enter this course.

These classes will take place at Raz Kennedy Voice Studio in Berkeley, CA.

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