The Refuge presents Raz Kennedy's Pop/Rock Vocal Intensive in Jamestown, California on Friday, August 11th - Sunday, August 13th. Combining elements of Complete Vocal Technique, Speech Level Singing, and the Jo Estill method, Raz Kennedy will lead participants to a deeper understanding of rhythm, phrasing, and interpretation. Raz will engage the group in a series of interactive vocal exercises and demonstrate how to effectively achieve high, full-volumed notes with clarity and without stress. He will additionally examine safe approaches to common vocal effects, such as distortion, growl, and rattle.

Participants will be experiment with useful and healthy vocal techniques that are in harmony with how the voice functions most naturally. Raz will coach individual singers to effectively deliver the repertoire of their choosing. Participants will come away with inspiring, customized insights into singing at performance level in Pop/Rock styles.

If you are eager to condition and strengthen your voice, put healthy techniques into practice, and energize your vocal performances, Raz's Kennedy's Pop/Rock Vocal Intensive is the answer.



11210 Algerine Rd,
Jamestown, CA 95327