Vocal Ornamentation


Saturday, July 27th
10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Premiere Bay Area vocal coach, Raz Kennedy presents Vocal Ornamentation, an interactive single day masterclass, exposing the secrets of vocal embellishments and introducing practical approaches to accurately and consistently accomplish them. 

Raz Kennedy will reveal and detail the fundamental skills that underpin masterful vocal ornamentation. As a group, we will explore a range of useful exercises to cultivate agility in the singing voice and experiment with techniques frequently used in R&B, Soul, Black Gospel, Middle Eastern, and Classical styles. 

Participants will come away with the knowledge of how to listen for accurate note choices, various vibratos, and rhythmic phrasing for precise coloratura, licks, riffs, melismas, runs, rolls, and messaging. 

Each singer will be asked to prepare a vocal phrase of their choosing to workshop. Raz will coach individual singers to effectively execute these concepts. 

Raz Kennedy Voice Studio
Berkeley, CA

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