Over the last 38 years I have witnessed Raz’s commitment to changing the lives of singers. Generously, a number of those have been high school students at East Bay Center for whom the dream of singing is linked to dreams of self-determination and a re-imagining of the world. With each year, Raz keeps growing and in so doing inspires us all.
— JORDAN SIMMONS, executive director of East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
Raz Kennedy has been a key faculty member at Blue Bear School of Music since 1982. Raz has brought the joy and discipline of singing to thousands of students at Blue Bear and has been one of our most successful and popular instructors. As a vocal coach, Raz strikes a wonderful balance between technique and inspiration and is treasured by his students of all ages and musical interests.
— STEVE SAVAGE, executive director for Blue Bear School of Music, musicologist, record producer, mixer, educator, author
I have had the pleasure of knowing Raz Kennedy for many years. His delivery of song is solid, sweet, pure, honest, authentic, and unapologetic. I have always admired his capacity to understand all aspects of the human voice and his natural ability for communicating and bringing out the best in people.

While I was Chapter President of The Recording Academy (producers of the Grammy Awards), I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing Raz Kennedy’s organizational and leadership abilities during his tenure on the Board of Governors. He served on the Education Committee and played a key role in mentoring up and coming artists as well as co-producing our very first Vocal Tech conference.

Raz Kennedy’s innovative thinking and programming made a major impact on our organization’s events and membership, Our music community continues to benefit from his willingness to share his tremendous gift.
— LARRY BATISTE, trustee and former president of The Recording Academy San Francisco Chapter, musical director, Grammy-nominated producer and arranger
SFJAZZ Education takes great care to partner with artists and educators who share our commitment not only to artistic excellence, but to the nurturing and cultivation of the next generation of jazz ambassadors. We are ever grateful that Raz Kennedy is one of these stellar artist-educators, and were thrilled to include Raz as one of our master class instructors at the SFJAZZ Center. His enthusiasm, grace and patience with vocalists of all levels and abilities are testaments not only to his expertise as one of the Bay Area’s most in-demand vocal coaches, but to his role as a mentor and cultural advocate for the arts in our community. We are honored to have such a musical treasure in our midst!
— REBECA MAULEÓN, SFJAZZ Director of Education, internationally acclaimed musician, bandleader, composer, Grammy-nominated producer
Raz Kennedy has been a long time associate of West Coast Songwriters. He has presented first class workshops for us and also given personal lessons to many of our members with outstanding results. I would highly recommend Raz for vocal workshops, personal coaching, and performance advice.
— IAN CROMBIE, executive director of West Coast Songwriters
I have known Raz for over twenty years. He has been teaching classes in the Jazzschool Community Music School since its inception in 1997.

Without question, Raz is one of the Jazzschool Community Music School’s most popular teachers, filling his classes to capacity every quarter. Raz has a background in many genres, which addresses the needs of students from all areas of interest and levels of ability — from beginners to professionals.

Personally, Raz is one of the most generous, supportive and inspirational human beings I know. He is loved by students and colleagues alike.
— SUSAN MUSCARELLA, PH.D, president of California Jazz Conservatory
Raz Kennedy is more than an exceptional vocal coach, mentor and professional singer. He is a profoundly dedicated individual who has stayed true, over several decades, to his passion of music, and unending research and evolving wisdom on the topic of vocal training and singing.

I have had the great fortune of having Raz on the faculty of Jazz Camp West and have seen tremendous transformation of aspiring singers through his vocal coaching in just one week’s time. He is a master at his craft and one of few individual’s who not only have the right source of educational tools, but the tenacity, patience and tremendous heart to work with a vast array of vocalists of all ages and skill levels.
— STACEY HOFFMAN, Executive Director for Living Jazz and Jazz Camp West
Over the past two years, Raz and I have collaborated on various vocal projects in southern Sweden. Raz has coached and taught different ages and size groups, from amateurs to professional singers. Our students have been enraptured after his workshops and long for him to come back.

Because of Raz’s deep knowledge of music and his high quality teaching skills, he has become a sought-after vocal coach in Sweden. In Sweden, his knowledge of rhythm and collective experience, as a singer, producer and vocal coach, make him truly one of a kind.

Raz Kennedy is a reliable professional with a warm and amiable personality. I wish for all singers with curiosity and ambition to have the opportunity to work with Raz Kennedy.
— MADELEN VELDRE, singing instructor at Voice Room and Rytmus Malmö
We are so grateful that Raz Kennedy donates his time, expertise, and wonderful spirit to Lamorinda Idol as a judge for our annual vocal competition. As a performer and master teacher, he is able to connect with young singers in an inspiring, respectful, and highly effective way. He has the ability to assess strength and technique and then provide invaluable direction across all genres. His ear is unparalleled as is his artistic presence and character.
— CASEY SASNER, organizing committee member of Lamorinda Idol
We’ve had the pleasure of presenting Raz Kennedy who has visited Rytmus/Göteborg several times. Raz Kennedy is one of the most appreciated and celebrated guest teachers in vocal coaching and in rhythmic awareness. With his acute ability to “feel” and to carefully listen to young people, he can challenge them with patience, inspiration and skill, giving them new tools to be exact and clear in their artistic expression.

We strongly recommend Raz Kennedy and are happy to have him in our network of professional artists and educators.
— FREDRIK BERGLUND, teacher and vocal coach at Rytmus Gotëborg
During the last year, Raz Kennedy has worked with our students both in large groups and individually. His great knowledge combined with his congenial personality has given our students invaluable insights into both singing technique and rhythm. His generosity is striking and he always listens to the students’ thoughts and questions, giving them all the time they need when they need it.

For a number of our students, Kennedy has become a mentor when it comes to choosing the right path in the music business. Kennedy is a Complete Vocal Technique instructor certified by the prestigious Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. This recently added curriculum, combined with the vast experience Kennedy has from a lifetime of teaching and performing, makes him the perfect teacher and role model for our students.
— MARTIN THUVESSON, principal of Rytmus Malmö
Raz Kennedy’s poise, passion and expertise as an educator is immediately apparent. He contributed greatly to our weekend vocal festival with his “Healthy Singing” workshop — students left the session feeling empowered and inspired! Raz is immensely talented, but equally humble and kind; a gem of an educator.
— LISA FORKISH, president of Women's A Cappella Association, vocal faculty of Oakland School for the Arts, vocalist, composer