Raz Kennedy is the premiere vocal coach in the Bay Area. Has been for many years, that’s why I have sent many of my top artists to him. He knows how to connect the chest voice with the head and how to bring all of the voice together. He is pitch conscious. He is loving and encouraging conscious. He is voice and people conscious. I support Raz Kennedy. Love, Narada.
— NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN, multi platinum Grammy & Emmy winning producer and musician
Heya. My name is James Hetfield. I sing, and play guitar, in the band Metallica. Myself and other members of the band have the powerful pleasure of Raz Kennedy in our lives. He has championed us in a variety of ways. From rehabbing a distressed voice, honing in harmonies, dissecting and slowing down the art of singing and playing an instrument, to core confidence building. He is a vibrant and shining soul that will pick up the most road beaten of voices. Thank you Raz.

With love and respect,
James ‘papa het’ Hetfield
— JAMES HETFIELD, lead singer and guitarist of Metallica
Raz Kennedy has changed my life. His support and commitment to me as a musician and back up vocalist on all levels has made me confident and effective on so many stages around the world. Thank you, Raz!
— ROBERT TRUJILLO, bassist and background vocalist of Metallica, member of Black Label Society and Suicidal Tendencies
If you want to learn to sing or learn to sing better, schedule a lesson with Raz. I went to Raz a few years ago as a pianist who wanted to sing with more control. I was very insecure about my voice, given that I’ve accompanied the best singers on the planet and I had no idea of how to become a better singer. From the first lesson, Raz taught me how to breathe, how to focus, how to support and how to SING! My life as an artist is changed forever for the good. I now proudly tell people that I’m a pianist AND a singer! I am eternally grateful to Raz and offer him my absolute highest endorsement.
— VICTORIA THEODORE, singer/songwriter, keyboardist and backing vocalist for Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé
Raz Kennedy has taught me more about recording vocals than any other artist, producer or engineer. It seems like Raz has an endless supply of tools and techniques to guide a singer past any obstacle they may face. I have seen Raz literally, physically squeeze a note out of a singer that they didn’t think was possible. I have seen a singer get stuck, not able to perform a part in tune, nail the part after a few minutes of Raz helping them place their note. Above all, Raz brings an honest concern and concentration to every project I have ever worked with him on. He sincerely cares and wants every student / client to be as good as they can possibly be, with no exceptions. One of my favorite qualities Raz exhibits is his ability to keep a balance in his approach between technique and emotional connection to what is being sung. In my mind, this is the key to a magical performance.
— JUSTIN LIEBERMAN, chief engineer of Studio Trilogy and producer
Raz Kennedy was my vocal lifeline during two pivotal times in my career so far. I worked with Raz on endurance skills before touring in Europe for the 1st time and again, before recording my band’s debut album, Paradise. His knowledge of the anatomical relationship we have with the voice is illuminating. Raz’s proficiency within many realms of the voice, provided me with the knowledge that has carried me around the world playing 200+ international shows in the last year. I strongly recommend his services to any aspiring singer/performer.
— EZEKIEL "ZIEK" MCCARTER, lead singer of Con Brio
I’ll never forget my first session with Raz—after an hour, he had me singing things I didn’t think were possible. Raz has a deeply musical and encouraging spirit, and he’s truly masterful at teaching difficult techniques in ways that make sense and feel natural. Above all, Raz helped me find my own voice—that’s the biggest compliment I can give to a vocal teacher. Thanks, Raz!
— JAMES NASH, singer and lead guitarist for The Waybacks
When I think of Raz Kennedy, I immediately think “what an extraordinary producer he is.” His professionalism is unmatched and his ability to bring out the best vocal performance from an artist is done with passion, patience, and an impeccable ear. Raz is able to direct vocalists with ease and achieve results that far surpasses one’s imagination.
— SAKAI, solo artist and background vocalist for Grammy award winning band, Train
Raz Kennedy is an amazing wizard of the human voice. He has helped countless singers to open up, identify and remove their unique blockages. I often send my singer clients to Raz before we record lead vocals for an album. He always delivers amazing results. And I have not known a singer yet who does not love Raz! From beginning singers to experienced, Raz is a god send. He works magic on any voice. I highly recommend Raz Kennedy as a vocal coach, he is the best! And... He is the sweetest and coolest guy to be around.
— CHRIS MANNING, recording engineer and record producer for Salamander Sound and Skywalker Ranch
I have been singing professionally for the past 18+ years and within that time, I was blessed to have met Raz Kennedy. Raz helped me take my voice into a new direction, allowing me to use my full range from low, mid to high. The voice is an instrument that cannot be replaced, and I thank my friend Raz for helping me to learn more about how to keep my instrument strong and always improving, and by doing so in a way that was always so much fun and at the same time challenging. Working with Raz is never the same, he connects with your voice, and applies his expertise to help you succeed in your sound, your style, and your gift.
— MANUEL ROMERO, Latin pop recording artist and contestant on NBC's "America's Got Talent"
I love working with Raz Kennedy because he understands how to approach the voice from so many different angles. Every question I ask is answered globally, touching on philosophy, vocal anatomy, tone production, and vowel formation. Raz has helped me to add much needed support, bringing out a significant new color to my vocal tone. Plus his experience as a world traveling performing artist enriches every interaction. What a gem!
— MEKLIT HADERO, Ethno-American singer/songwriter & TED Global Fellow
I’ve known Raz for a handful of years now. But back in the day he was this mysterious singer/vocal teacher with long dreads and a smile on his face like he knew something that you didn’t. It turned out that he did. I was working on a project called Karaoke Revolution (Konami video game) where Raz was the producer. I was belting out these two epic rock ballads for him but losing control of my voice and unable to hit these high notes. After spending some time with him, I just knew he had a deep understanding of the voice; how to sing and how to keep it working so after doing about an hour of his warm up, I was back on track and singing like a champ again. I didn’t know what he called his vocal method, but to me I felt like I was being healed. I have been a working musician for 36 years now and I’ve been plagued with vocal problems all my life. I have gone to prominent doctors all over the world with the diagnosis always being wear and tear from years of touring and probably incorrect vocal technique. The prescription is either surgery or a long convalescence, neither of which I want or can do. After that one hour a couple years ago I’ve got this feeling that Raz Kennedy is the alternative and solution to my problems.
— ERIC MARTIN. lead singer for Mr. Big
Raz Kennedy was far more than a vocal coach or even a mentor, he’s one of the biggest reasons for my love of and success in music. His heart is one of the biggest, and he is so attentively committed to his students. His passion for music is abundantly clear when you hear him sing, and he passes that down magnificently through his teaching. His love for music is catching. The amount of time and energy Raz spends on a single note, teaches you how important every little detail in singing can be. The rigorous hours spent perfecting each note of a riff stretched my singing abilities so much further than I could have hoped, and I love him so much for that (even if at the time I loathed the militant approach :p). Raz pushed me harder than anyone else could of, because he always did so with such an overwhelming amount of love. He spoiled me with his teaching methods and his incredible spirit, and no other vocal coach has ever lived up to my teaching standards because of him. You could only be so lucky to have him as your mentor, teacher, and the fire behind your passion for music.
— CHANTELLE PAIGE, former member of Flipsyde, singer/songwriter, actress, travel blogger
There is a no limit to how highly I recommend Raz Kennedy as both a vocal coach and an exemplary member of the Bay Area’s music community. He has coached multiple singers of all ranges of natural talent whom I’ve produced, always helping them reach their potential. He skillfully taught my daughter during high school helping her become a fantastic singer; and he helped me regain my range and voice after having a thyroid gland removed. The operation put considerable strain on my vocal musculature and Raz helped me work through all of this. I’m so excited that he is opening a school where more than just a select few can benefit from his grace and wisdom.
— JERRY HARRISON, singer/songwriter and producer, co-founder of Talking Heads
My time studying with Raz Kennedy was nothing short of life changing. After years of performing at venues with bad sound systems or bands that were way too loud, I was left with a worn out voice and total loss of my upper register. My voice was scratchy, but not the kind of scratch I could control. I’d never taken a vocal lesson in my life, but after two hours in a room with Raz, I, all of sudden, had my voice back! Well... Temporarily, that is. I still needed to train, but that first lesson was all I needed to be hooked immediately. I continued to study regularly with Mr. Kennedy for another year and now 5 years later, having been on the road with various touring groups, playing night after night, I still haven’t lost my voice during a gig. Not once! I don’t plan on it either, for there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t do what Raz taught me. Thank you brother! I really can’t thank you enough.
— JOE BAGALE / OTIS MCDONALD, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, live performer, touring member of Mickey Hart's band, and member of Jazz Mafia
Working with Raz was the core foundation of my musical education. Raz was able to nurture my individuality while still pushing my boundaries to become the best vocal version of my self possible. With Raz, I learned to trust my instincts, but also the importance of structure and discipline.
— CAROLINE VREELAND, singer/songwriter, actress, model
In nearly 15 years of working with Raz, I’ve found him to be the consummate gentleman and one of the most effective vocal coaches I’ve ever encountered.
— ERIC "ET" THORNGREN, audio engineer for Talking Heads, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Cyndi Lauper, and Debbie Harry
Working with Raz gave me more confidence in my singing and helped me to realize my voice’s potential. Raz makes you feel comfortable and at ease when working with him. He’s always the first name I think of when it comes to vocals.
— ERIC MCFADDEN, guitar playing virtuoso and touring artist
Working with Raz never felt like working at all. His ability to balance ease and effort was just what I needed to revitalize my vocal practice. Gaining a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of the voice allowed me to be more open and expressive in performance. His explanations helped me think of singing in a new way, and his effective feedback and direction allowed me to get the most out of my instrument and myself.
— BRETT ANDERSON, recording artist and lead singer of The Donnas
Raz Kennedy is THE vocal teacher for me. Period. I have been singing professionally for 30 years and I have been to many very good vocal coaches however, Raz is by far THE best. His approach is unique, sensible and quite amazing in that he combines all the elements of mind, body and spirit to help you achieve the best, the most powerful, the most effective, the most passionate and the most efficient way to sing/perform. His knowledge is deep and well rounded, his experience is vast and extensive, and his heart and spirit are BIG and kind. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced vocalist, Raz is the vocal teacher for you too.
— LORALEE CHRISTENSEN, commercial vocalist, voice-over artist, and studio singer
Raz Kennedy is an inspired teacher and vocal technician. In a very short time, he helped me access new resonances and move more freely in my upper register without damaging my voice. I highly recommend him to beginning singers and professional vocalists alike.
— TIFFANY AUSTIN, San Francisco Bay Area jazz vocalist and lyricist
Working with Raz rocked my world! The exercises and concepts he taught me greatly and quickly improved my abilities and vocal range. It was like he turned on the light in a dark room and all of a sudden everything made more sense. And his positivity, encouragement, and laid back demeanor made for an open and stress-free environment free of inhibitions. Raz is simply the best.
— DAVE RUDE, guitarist and backing vocalist for Tesla, lead singer and guitarist for Dave Rude Band
Working with Raz for the vocals of my last album was an absolute joy and honor. He was remarkably informative and insightful around vocal mechanics, tone, delivery, and emotional expression. Raz is a true vocal master, a no-nonsense coach, and a wonderful friend, and who ever gets to work with him is extremely fortunate!
— TAARA TATI, lead singer for Metal Mother and performance artist
One day, I just lost my singing voice. I still don’t know how or why, but for a lifetime musician, it’s a devastating realization when your instrument no longer works. I sought out help and Raz Kennedy’s name kept being the overwhelming response as being the absolute best to restore my voice. Within the span of my first 90 minute lesson, my issues were pinpointed and my vocal foundation rebuilding began. Through my study with Raz, I’ve developed vocal dexterity, endurance, and an arsenal of vocal techniques that allow me to sing in virtually any style. I’m now able to harness the true power, range, dynamics and emotional musicality of my voice through a deeper understanding of the vocal mechanics. That knowledge has also empowered me so that I don’t re-injure myself, and in those moments on stage when things aren’t quite working I know exactly how to fix them.
— KENNY O, San Francisco based electro pop/rock singer/songwriter
When I came to Raz, I had my singing instrument, but not a lot of knowledge with regard to mechanics and the different modalities of singing, and as a result, had hurt my voice. Raz proceeded to instruct me and provide me with an “owner’s manual”, which included a whole new map of understanding the anatomy of my voice and how to function in a limitless fashion while maintaining good vocal hygiene and health. He also provided me with a vernacular that assisted me as a vocalist in communicating effectively with other musicians so that everyone wins. Raz has produced me both in the studio and on stage and always guides in a way that is safe, nurturing and impactful under his advisement. Raz gets results! Raz taught me how to be a better musician and therefore, to be a more successful musician and artist. The wisdom and knowledge passed down to me by Raz has been an intangible asset as I make my living as a musician. Working with Raz is work, but it’s also super fun and enlightening. I came to Raz with an injury and ended up stronger, smarter, better and wiser than ever!
— ALLYSON PAIGE, recording artist, stage performer, and commercial vocalist
Raz Kennedy taught me more about vocal mechanics in one hour than previous coaches could in several months. His teachings accommodate a wide variety of styles and my vocals improved exponentially as a result.
— ADAM SCHUMAN, guitarist and background vocalist for The Trophy Fire
Raz brings an extremely deep understanding of the connection between body mechanics and voice to his teaching. This understanding, combined with his life experience as a performer and his overall wisdom, makes him a deeply powerful and effective vocal coach. We are spoiled to have him here in the Bay.
— ANGELINE SARIS, bassist and backing vocalist for Zepparella and Narada Michael Walden
Raz Kennedy has played a profound role in my creative life. More than a mere vocal coach, he has provided insight, inspiration and encouragement that was invaluable to me before my career took flight. Thanks to Raz, I have found a stronger instrument, improved sense of rhythm and phrasing. I can’t imagine my life without knowing him and I feel honored to have worked with the man.
— SPENCER DAY, Concord Records recording artist
Though I am already a powerful singer, I knew I wasn’t quite at my “best” and needed some seasoned help and guidance. During my FIRST session with Raz Kennedy, I got to places in my voice I hadn’t been able or even tried to reach in over 25 years of professional singing, thus adding a level of confidence to my performances that can only come by learning from a dedicated practitioner like Raz.
— ZOE ELLIS, East Bay R&B and jazz session singer and recording artist
My working with Raz Kennedy as a vocal instructor (mentor/coach) has been profound and necessary to take my ability to a professional level. Raz introduced me to techniques that increased my range, tuned my ear, and enabled me to sing with ease in a number of styles. I, now, have a comprehensive understanding of how to produce the tones and notes I hear, but was unable to accomplish.
— STEFANIE COYOTE, lead singer of Olive & the Dirty Martinis
Raz Kennedy is my VOCAL COACH GURU. When I first started working with him almost 20 years ago, I was a waitress with big dreams of singing live with a band. For the past 18 years, I have made my living as a singer. Not a gig goes by when a RAZISM doesn’t pop into my head! I learned to trust myself and my instrument, to stay not push...and to feel the sound resonate from my body. His incredible intuition allows him to know exactly what each individual needs to work on to help that performer truly soar! I LOVE YA, RAZ!!!
— BRETT PELS, voice over and session vocalist, recording artist, and singer of '80s tribute band, Tainted Love
There is an ease and confidence that I take to my art after a session with Raz. I can access qualities in my voice that make it far more fun to sing. The sessions have added power to my songs and personality to my voice.
— QUINN DEVEAUX, modern soul singer/songwriter and live performing artist
Raz helped turn my voice from one that was being geared into a more musical theater direction (from doing theater as a kid) into the voice that expressed the truth of my personality and soul. Raz took my love of singing and turned it into a craft. He really got me to understand what my voice was capable of and his unique methods taught me how to sing in a range of styles with confidence and precision.
— AISHLIN HARRISON, singer/songwriter, performing artist, and engineer at Panoramic House in Marin County, CA.
I began receiving vocal coaching from Raz Kennedy in 1995, when my band Rebecca Riots was preparing to release our first CD. Since then, Raz has been the vocal producer for several of our CDs, and for my first solo CD released in 2006. Raz’s guidance is focused yet simultaneously kind and patient. It had been repeatedly thrilling, as I work with him on each project and production, to experience the huge improvement in my vocal range and delivery. Raz finds and teaches how I can use my voice for maximum power, strength, and expression. My career as a singer has been deeply positively impacted by Raz and his work with me.
— EVE DECKER, Buddhist teacher, singer/songwriter, and former member of Rebecca Riots
As a vocalist, there comes a time when studying your craft must be taken to a higher level. For me, that higher level was studying with Raz Kennedy. His lessons focus on what each student specifically wants to improve upon in order to become a stronger and more confident vocalist. If you are looking to study voice mechanics, there is none better than Mr. Kennedy.
— JEREMY BRIGGS, singer for 80's tribute band, Tainted Love and contestant on NBC's "The Voice"
I’m convinced that Raz Kennedy is a magician as well as a master vocal coach. Within minutes, he was able to identify the source of my vocal strain and give me clear, concrete tools for how to break out of my habits. His instruction is personal, musical, and generally profound. Thanks to Raz, I have learned to sing more sustainably and have been encouraged to take my vocal expression further. THANK YOU, RAZ!
— KENDRA MCKINLEY, San Francisco singer/songwriter
I have had the pleasure of working with Raz in many different capacities: as a recording engineer, co-producer and as a studio consultant for sound reinforcement and technical issues. He has always been an extremely professional colleague, and I can not stress enough how much talent, integrity and overall zest for life, love and music this man possesses. Any musician (and even non-musicians) need to consider themselves very lucky and privileged to be able to work with Raz…… his energy, spirit and knowledge of voice mechanics will take your skills and appreciation of the arts to a higher level, regardless of the nature of your association. Raz is one of a kind, and I am proud to call him my friend.
— MATT COHEN, audio engineer for Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Weird Al Yankovic, and O.A.R.
Raz Kennedy inspired me to push my own personal boundaries and achieve things I never thought possible through my voice. The technique and passion Raz instilled in me are the basis of how I approach singing every day.
— JENNIFER KRANZ, musical theater performer and 2014 winner of LA's Next Great Stage Star
I learned so much about what it takes to capture a great vocal performance in the studio working with Raz as vocal producer. He taught me focus and discipline without losing vibe and character. He always brings a great energy to the studio that keeps things fun while getting things done.
— FOREST SUN, award winning Americana singer/songwriter
Raz Kennedy was the first teacher to “unlock” my potential as a singer. Through visualizing, breath work, and discovering head voice, Raz allowed me to go places I had never been as a vocalist. His classes, (Yoga for singers etc.) are dynamic, spontaneous, and fun!... And as always, Raz’s spiritual, supportive nature, his true love of singing and helping others, make his lessons a unique, and unforgettable experience.
— JACK HERNDON, vocalist for '80s tribute band, Tainted Love
Raz is the most effective and influential voice teacher I have ever had. Because of his patience, knowledge of technique, and passion for teaching, I have been able to achieve my vocal goals.
— SARAH AMES, Nashville singer/songwriter and contestant on Fox's "American Idol"
Raz Kennedy has a profound understanding of the voice. Even in our first lesson, he taught me how to sing from a strong grounding in the physical mechanism with a clear explanation of how it works. Because of this, and Raz’s incredible skill at teaching, I’ve learned how to sing in a healthy way and have expanded my voice more than I knew was possible.
— JOSHUA TAZMAN, first place winner of the 39th annual Downbeat Student Music Awards, jazz vocalist & songwriter
Over four years ago, I started studying with Raz Kennedy and it’s been a journey of monumental life changes and a deep exploration of my love of voice and music. Each lesson has brought me closer to the voice I’d long suppressed due to stage fright and fear of judgement - closer to the real me I’d been ever so scared and shy to let the world know. Through Raz’s unconditional support and highly technical and skilled teachings, I now express my voice in a way I never thought imaginable. I can’t and don’t want to imagine life without working and studying with Raz.
— NING RECIO, pop singer/songwriter
I’ve tried a lot of voice teachers, but none has helped me quite like Raz Kennedy. His approach to technique is direct and powerful. He works with students in extended call-and-response sessions that are thrilling and ruthlessly efficient. Singers might be surprised to hear powerful new sounds coming from their bodies under Raz’s guidance. His understanding of vocal anatomy and health allows him to safely lead students wherever they need to go.
— JASCHA HOFFMAN, Brooklyn singer/songwriter
Raz’ blend of extensive knowledge of the voice and his intuitive presence allow him to transmit vocal technique in a way that resonates with each student from the perspective of her/his individual learning style. He is very precise about the concepts that apply to the voice, while at the same time keeping in focus the bigger picture of the flow and the emotional content of the music. Under Raz’ guidance, I have been given the ‘tools’ to authentically express what is present.
— JENNIFER FIRESTONE, voice student at California Jazz Conservatory