It is my honor and pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Mr. Raz Kennedy, with whom I have interacted with for nearly a decade, and to whom I refer my professional voice patients for his expert re-training of their ill-fallen voices.

Professional voice users, i.e. singers or actors suffer serious economical and social consequences when their voices fail. To restore these functions, many treatments are used including pathological voice treatments, medications, surgeries or combinations of these modalities. To assure that the outcomes are successful, post-treatment voice retraining by the professional voice coach/voice teacher is often mandatory.

In my nearly 35 year long clinical practice, few voice teachers/coaches possess the knowledge and dedication that equals that of Mr. Kennedy. His dedication to provide the best possible rehabilitation process is evident by his continued study of medical education courses and other voice training courses, making him not only a better teacher, but also allowing him to understand how to approach the treatment of the fallen voice that complements medical treatment.

Hence, Raz has my highest recommendation. I look forward to referring more cases to him, as his accomplishments help the singer to secure their professional artistic future.
— KRZYSZTOF IZDEBSKI, FK, MA, PhD, CCC-SLP, FASHA. Professor, SFCM (www.sfcm.edu). Associate Clinical Professor, Otolaryngology H&N Surgery, UCLA (www.ucla.edu). Chairman, PVSF (www.pvsf.org). Scientific Advisor, Brain Plasticity Institute, SF, CA (www.positscience.com). Advisory Board Member Bioengineering, SCU, CA (www.scu.edu). Coordinator, Performing Arts Medicine Coalition of SF, CA (www.pamcsf.info). Vice President, World Voice Consortium, O'Porto, P, EU (www.worldvoiceconsortioum.org). US Delegate to COST, Advanced EU Studies Committee on Voice Research. System Wide Consultant, Kaiser Permanente OH&S (www.kp.org). Private Practice: www.ccent.com, www.sfent.com. Honorary Member for Life:  CEIMArs - Italian interdisciplinary Center for Performing Arts Medicine. The Austrian Voice Foundation. Socieda Mexicana d’Voz.
I, Raul M. Cruz, MD have developed my career as a laryngologist at the Kaiser Medical Center in Oakland, CA. My medical and surgical practice includes many patients who use their voice in some professional capacity- teachers, professors, lawyers, vocalists,etc. In the Kaiser system I have developed a partnership with a renowned speech pathologist named Krzysztof Izdebski, PhD. Together for over 25 years we have run a very unique specialty clinic called the Voice Disorder Clinic. As an extension of this practice, we have found it useful to refer many of our vocal professionals to vocal coaches in an attempt to provide them with more holistic and non-invasive treatment on either a preventive or rehabilitative basis. Raz Kennedy has become my “go to guy” in the East Bay for referrals. He has certainly proved to be a valuable asset for my patients. He has helped singers and other professional vocalists develop healthier technique to prevent injury (or re-injury), experience less vocal fatigue, improve vocal strength, recover their full voice after surgeries, and regain confidence in their vocal abilities. Patients have universally come back to me with praise for his knowledge, abilities, and professionalism. He is not a Kaiser employee and so my statement regarding him is not based or influenced by any remunerative arrangement. However, I see him as part of the local community of voice professionals who are fully dedicated to helping singers and other vocalists stay healthy and able to perform to capacity. I have certainly come to admire his skills and will continue to refer patients to him on a regular basis.
— RAUL M. CRUZ, MD. Program Director, Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Oakland
Raz Kennedy is not only a vocal coach and teacher, but a master at his craft. His understanding of the laryngeal mechanism enables him to offer technical advice regarding the mechanics of singing. Yet, it is his own wisdom, love and clarity that allow him to unleash the full potential of artistic vocal quality in his students. He fully understands the complexities impacting vocal production and is able to free the voice of tension, free the mind of fear and elicit vocal precision from deep within the soul. Enjoy!
— TRACEY J. BALDWIN, MA, CCC-SLP Voice and Speech Pathologist Supervisor of Speech Pathology at John Muir Med Center in Walnut Creek, California
I have known Mr. Kennedy for the past 30+ years. He has both performed with and coached many of the finest performers in the music world. Over the last 40 years Mr.Kennedy has pursued academic and professional excellence in both musical performance and coaching students of all ages and singing levels. He is well versed in all aspects of maximizing and sustaining high performance goals which his students are seeking. He has avidly studied numerous teaching methods with many renowned master vocal coaches. He has sought out and received voice training from several distinguished members of the singing community. More recently he completed and was fully authorized as a teacher of the “Complete Vocal Technique” course of instruction over a period spanning four years. This course is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, under the direction of master vocal coach/instructor, Cathrine Sadolin.

Mr. Kennedy has remarkable credentials as a vocalist, music producer, and educator. His life-long musical pursuits and personal dedication has contributed to the enduring success of all who have had the fortune of making his acquaintance. His academic pursuits have made him a master of all singing styles and an excellent diagnostician of singing technique issues.

Mr. Kennedy is a very approachable, articulate, and kind individual. He is a good listener and good company. His enduring curiosity for self improvement and that of his students is a very attractive quality. I would unreservedly recommend Mr. Kennedy to anyone seeking excellence in singing technique.
— RONALD R. WARD, M.D., F.A.C.S., Diplomate of the American Board of Otolaryngology