I offer private one-on-one vocal coaching sessions at my studio in Berkeley, California and virtual Skype lessons. I also provide private instruction in San Francisco and in Los Angeles. I teach singers of all ages, both professional and amateur, performing in any style of music, including pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop/rap, musical theater, classical, world music, and jazz. 

I specialize in providing appropriate and effective technical tools, which allow the singer to perform with ease and without hindrance. My philosophy is grounded in the belief that there must be a balance of technique and emotional connection when one sings. 

Under my supervision, any singer can develop high vocal expertise. I am exceptionally qualified to assist performers in cultivating the following skills...

  • vocal and physical conditioning, endurance, stamina, support, and controlled distribution of air and energy

  • ear training and musicianship skills to perfect intonation, relative pitch, and rhythmic phrasing

  • expansion, evenness, cohesion, and control of dynamic and melodic range

  • specific tools to directly address and resolve any cause for vocal stress

  • interpretation and storytelling

  • instruction on the use of vocal effects (i.e. distortion, rattle, growl, grunt, hammer vibrato, etc.) in a safe and healthy way, avoiding vocal strain and/or irritation

  • tricks and strategies to enhance vocal harmony skills

In addition to vocal technique training, I prepare singers for studio recording, auditions, and live performances of all types.